Your eyewear could be the only thing stood between you and first place

When it comes to your favourite sport you’ll do whatever it takes to perform to the best of your abilities won’t you? You’ll spend hours training and buy the best equipment you can afford, but what if it were something as simple as changing your eyewear that could get you to the top of the score board?

The eyewear you choose can impact your sporting performance greatly. Whether you’re a keen golfer, skier or swimmer, sunspecs, glasses or goggles could actually enhance your game dramatically.

At Insight Opticians, as well as supplying a wide range of specialist sports eyewear, we can also apply a number of tints, filters and coatings to your eyewear to improve your visual acuity. For example, by applying a brown tint to your glasses, a golf ball will really stand out on the green; and an anti-fog coating will prevent a swimmer’s goggles from misting up.

The majority of the specialist eyewear we supply at our practice can also have your prescription applied to it. This means that no matter what your chosen sport is, we can help you find your secret weapon.

So next time you’re in the area why not pop in and speak to one of our experienced dispensing opticians about sports eyewear. A dispensing optician is someone who has been trained to offer educated advice about the products best suited to you and your lifestyle.