Today, contact lenses don’t just benefit adults, but teenagers and children too

Unfortunately, lots of people are still under the impression that contact lenses pose a threat to their eye health. They believe they’re uncomfortable to wear, can cause eye conditions and even get stuck on the eyeball. However, these are all untrue, providing your eyewear is cared for properly.

At Insight Opticians we are advocates of contact lenses; we truly believe that almost anyone can wear this form of eyewear, no matter what their age or prescription. And today, with so many different types of lenses available, made from various materials, we will have the perfect pair for you.

When you visit our practice you can look forward to choosing your eyewear from a wide variety of choices including daily, weekly and monthly options, multi and varifocal prescriptions and gas permeable materials – to name a few.

“Contact lenses offer great freedom to a number of individuals including active sportsmen and women and children. At our practice we fit youngsters as young as 8 years old with contact lenses. There’s also no upper age limit on use, and we’re always here to monitor progression and offer advice.”

Seema – Optometrist

When it comes to fitting children with contact lenses we have one simple rule: they must be mature enough to care for them properly. When looked after, contact lenses offer children the freedom they deserve, all without the hassle of having to worry about glasses.

If you or your child chooses to try contact lenses our optician Seema will help you every step of the way. She will show you how to insert and remove them correctly, how to care for them properly and invite you to attend regular assessments to ensure your eyes are in great health.

For more information about our contact lens scheme – a way to help you spread the cost of your lenses– you can visit our contact lens scheme page.